Saturday, July 24, 2021

Antique Coffee Grinder Wall Planter

Last weekend I turned an antique Royal Coffee Mill with a patent date of 1890 to be used as a planter for a Peperomia prostrata and a Pilea libanensis.

I used a couple of small glass saucers from the Dollar Tree and using craft foam, I created a border around one to go on top. For the bottom one, I cradled it in macrame using jute cording. The idea is to grow the Peperomia prostrata at the top and the Pilea libanensis at the bottom. This way, the larger leaves of the prostrata can mimic the whole beans while the smaller leaves of the libanensis can mimic the ground beans. The jute macrame can mimic the burlap bags that green coffee is typically shipped in from the growers.

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